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Andras, also known as Ichtiandras, was born in Lithuania. His dance career started when he was only 4 years old, and by the age of 9 he already knew that dancing would be his way of life. He graduated from M.K. Ciurlionis High Art School (now Academy) of Choreography and Ballet. As a ballet dancer he took part in a lot of performances at Opera and Ballet theaters in Lithuania and Moscow. As the years went by, he became interested in ballroom and cabaret style dancing and understood what his real life would be.

Andras has had a variety of learning and working relationships with a lot of great champions, ballroom performers and ballroom formation groups in Lithuania and Europe. He has an excellent understanding and creativeness when it comes to choreography. This knowledge comes from his work as a choreographer and performer in Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Russia, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.

In addition to teaching ballroom here, he is also the Dance Director of Lithuanian Folk Dance group " Atzalynas". This is another example of his many talents. He likes teaching and has fun doing it. He has a lot of dance experience, but more than that is his patience with the students.

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