Buyer's Guide

International Style Latin

CHA CHA: During the 1950s, the Cha Cha was made famous by many Latino bands such as Xavier Cugat and Prez Prado. Cuban in origin, the Cha Cha rhythm is found in much of today's popular music.

SAMBA: The Samba originated in Brazil and, unlike the other Latin dances that are stationary, it has a traveling action around the floor with lots of spins and controlled bounces.

RUMBA. The Rumba is Cuban in origin and is often referred to as the ?dance of love?. Sultry and romantic, the music is a mixture of African and Latin rhythms.

PASO DOBLE: The Paso Doble is a theatrical Spanish dance that characterizes the man as the matador and the lady as his cape. Based on Flamenco dancing, the character of the dance is arrogant and passionate.

JIVE: The Jive is a very fast, acrobatic, lively dance made popular during World War II by the swing music of Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Tommy Dorsey and Glen Miller.