Is there a stylistic difference between the Slow Foxtrot and the regular Foxtrot?

Marianne Nichole (Adjudicator at the Emerald Ball)
"Yes. The slow Foxtrot's music is different. With the regular Foxtrot, the upbeat is more, well, upbeat! The Foxtrot originated with Harry Fox, a New York vaudeville performer, and his Foxtrot was very jazzy. The International Foxtrot is very slow, very elegant and American Style went that way for a while too. Now the American Foxtrot has gone back to the original origins, very jazzy, very Harry Fox, which I'm sure is the way that he would have wanted it!"

Ken Sloan
"Stylistically speaking, there's been a set standard for the Slow Foxtrot many generations, with the competitions, and the Regular Foxtrot has a more relaxed posture, with more leniency in the figures that they can use on the dance floor. The Regular Foxtrot can be danced in either open or closed position. The Slow Foxtrot is always danced in closed position. The Regular Foxtrot is used more in social situations."