Feather Step Timing

Heather Smith (Professional Dancer, Teacher and Adjudicator at the Emerald Ball) "In Slow Foxtrot, the Feather Step is SQQ with slow counting as two beats and the quicks counting as one. How we actually dance that is by not actually putting our full weight on the first part of the slow but we're actually moving through count one and we land on the second part of the slow. The quick-quick is then danced with the first quick being the first count and in the second quick I'm actually using the first part of the slow for the ending of the second quick. So I'm dancing one, landing on two, replacing the weight on three. My weight is still moving on count four and I complete my weight on count one. So basically, I'm borrowing the first part of the slow to dance the second part of the quick.

The most important thing about slow Foxtrot is that, even though we count SQQ, we want to think of it as a revolto ? all of the counts are actually danced as a slow. You don't actually want to see quick-quick. You shouldn't see the transition from the slow to the quick. The second quick is a continuation into the next slow so that the first part of the bar is danced from the landing of the weight change to the second quick."