Briefly explain Samba Bounce Action

Didio Barrera (Professional Dancer and Instructor as well as the Director of Music at the Emerald Ball)

"Well, when I learned Samba, they were really bouncing. It's changed a little bit, but Samba has been destroyed from the original Brazilian dance. It's been slowed down so much that we have to use Arab music to dance to it! An Arab Samba! But Arab music is the only thing that we can find that's close enough. If we take original Samba music, we have to slow it down so much that it distorts it. So we can no longer use it. I think they're getting away from the Danny Burns' style, kind of a camel walk and they're not using it anymore."

Linda Dean (Adjudicator at the Emerald Ball) interjects, "We need to talk a little about the origins of dancing. Someone didn't one day just start writing a book, saying, "Someone should dance and this is what they should do!" People dance naturally. Someone watching it tried to write down what they saw and, for the most part, got it wrong!"

Didio Barrera continues, "It's just like, if I tell you something, you don't necessarily hear me correctly and the next person gets it even more incorrect! It just changes. It goes back and forth. That's why, when people talk about this "original" thing or the way it used to be, I say the hell with the original thing! Let's deal with it now. If we don't like it, let's change it. I don't necessarily want to go back to the way that it used to be."