Rise and Fall in the Waltz

It is important when dancing the Waltz to feel the music through its lilting rise-and-fall, moving as one unit with your partner. However, before you can move as one unit with your partner, you must master the rise-and-fall by yourself. Let?s try a practice exercise.

Begin standing upright with your feet together, toes pointing forward. Imagine that you are standing in front of a clothesline. The goal is to go underneath it without ducking or bending at the waist. As you step forward with your left foot ?one,? you must bend at the knees to clear the clothesline. You are now beyond it, so you can straighten your knees and step with your right foot to the side ?two? and draw your feet together ?3. Repeat this in a succession ?1-2-3, down-up-up? to grow more comfortable with the ?rise and fall? of the Waltz.