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"I have purchase thousands of dollars worth of your videos, your tapes are definitely in a class by themselves."
G. Ahearns, New Jersey

"I've never seen such quality video tapes!"
George Sayas, Athens, Greece

"Our customers just love Dance Vision videos! It's amazing how many calls we get when new videos are released."
Dale Emerman, Owner of Notably Unique

Thank you for an outstanding professional library of ballroom and country & western videos and sound recordings. The most comprehensive, professionally instructed, directed and produced dance materials in the globe.

Your efforts have widened the public view and narrowed their literacy about what big band, ballroom, dancesports, country & western and theatre arts are all about.

Thank you for always being a professional, courteous, and friendly customer service support over the phone and in person. May your lives always be filled with love and beautiful music, and may your hearts and souls dance forever.
Best Wishes,
Sherrif Osni

Thank you for the impressive speed used to handle my first order. I could not be happier. I was also impressed by the presentation of the package.

Please allow me to take advantage of your "Once a Year Offer" in buying five video tapes and receiving two free.
Liz Vallecillo, California

I have been watching the Bronze and Intermediate International Latin dance videos first, combining them with my class at the metronome and to augment my private lessons. I would recommend them to anyone as an excellent way to reinforce learning the patterns and techniques of the dances. Also, I find that it helps to have different teachers perspectives on the same material, as sometimes one teacher can express something in a way I understand better than another. So, I don't find that the videos conflict with my dance classes or my private training. Rather, they help me understand the material better and to become a better dancer.
Karen E. Lile, California

Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of the Samba tapes that I ordered. The tapes are such a tremendous help and they are by far the best tapes that I have seen. I will be ordering more in the future.
Sandy West