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What is the difference between East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing?

East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing share many qualities such as music and some pattern similarities. It is best to focus on the differences. East Coast Swing is danced with no particular alignment, it turns right and left, and is mostly a rotational dance on the spot, not progressive. Once you master the basic triple rhythm a great emphasis is placed on pattern knowledge and variety. East Coast Swing is fun and quite easy.

West Coast Swing, however, is danced with a flexible alignment structure. The lady travels back and forth along a slot or line while the man remains more centered in the middle. In the beginning, West Coast Swing is more difficult to learn, but later on it allows for much more growth, creativity and individual expression. First the basic patterns must be mastered. To a great extent, most patterns branch off the basic patterns. West Coast Swing is a dance that will be stimulating at all levels and has the capacity for infinite expression.