Artem Plakhotniy & Inna Berlizyeva

Berlizyeva, Artem Plakhotniy & Inna Artem Plakhotniy & Inna Berlizyeva

Artem and Inna Berlizyeva are world class professional dancers and dance instructors.Both orignally from Ukraine were they started dancing at an early age. In 2005 Inna and Artem moved to sunny Arizona were they have become two of the best dance instructors in the the Arizona valley.They have been dancing together since may 2009.Currently Inna and Artem are one of the top professional couples in the USA,in the last year they have been winning many competitions all over the US.Including USA Open Professional International Standard finalist and North American Championship finalist at the Ohio Star Ball.In the last four years Inna's and Artem's students have been showing great results on the National and International level in the Pro-Am division winning competitions all aroud the US.As well as achieving titles of National,World and Open to World Pro-Am Champions.