Cheryl Burke

Burke, Cheryl Cheryl Burke

  • 2005 World Cup Professional Rising Star Latin Champion

  • U.K. Championships

  • 4th in U.S. in the Under 21s
  • Cheryl is the only two-time winner of Dancing with the Stars. Cheryl and her partner singer Drew Lachey stole the show on Season 2 and sensationally won the competition. Season 3, Cheryl was partnered with football legend Emmitt Smith, and together they won the competition.

    Growing up in San Francisco, California, Cheryl came from a family who all loved to dance. At four years old, she began taking ballet lessons and performed throughout the Bay area until she was ten. It was at that time that she discovered that ballroom, "wasn't just for old people" and decided to change her focus. She hung up her ballet shoes and began training in both standard and Latin. By 13, Cheryl was competing and traveling all over the world.