Timothy and Michele Mason on ProDVIDA Certifications

Michele and I first heard about the new ProDVIDA organization whilst officiating in New Orleans spring of 2001. We contacted Wayne Eng with a few questions and excited about what we heard joined the organization and purchased the syllabus of all four styles on both video and manual form.

Michele and I both held professional qualifications, taken both in England and with other societies here in America but we both felt very strong about taking examinations with this new society and there were several reasons for this.

Firstly how many of us have said it, the only time you here from your organization is when the dues are up! It was an immediate difference upon contacting Wayne Eng and the offices of ProDVIDA, not only did we feel that Wayne was being very genuine but he made us feel part of the organization and was generally interested in our thoughts on various issues, and was keen for any feed back.

Having retired from our competitive career this type of involvement in a society is important to us - an organization that is covering all bases of the profession, from the social dancer through to our past and current champions of dance and a society that is listening and taking action from its members requests.

Another big reason for our decision to hold qualifications with ProDVIDA was with the opening of our own independent studio in October of 200 1. It was important to us to have a precise yet very clear syllabus to operate in the studio for our current and future staff to follow with ease. We were very impressed with the layout of the manuals, and the production of the video presentation of the syllabus was very clear with excellent demonstrations from fine exponents from each field of dance.

We are excited at the medalist system that will be available to its studio members and pupils with again an excellent layout of charts making it clear for both teachers and pupils to follow.

Dance Vision has always been the leader in Dance Camps but we are very excited at the announcement of the ProDVIDA seminar to be held later this year - offering training in all fields of the business which is further evidence of the commitment of the organization to help its, members be it through dance training or business management.

Our examinations took place earlier this year and a lot of thought has gone into the format. In particular is the examination form, which is generated at the home office and sent to the examiner just prior to the exam. Like most exams it covers a practical demonstration, theory, and teaching questions. However different to any exam we had taken, was a theory question for each step in the syllabus - a very thorough approach and a candidate requires a good knowledge of all steps.

Several good things will come from this thorough approach - firstly there will not be an easy or difficult examiner to take your test with as they are following a pre organized exam form. This in turn is going to set a high standard for the qualified members of the organization which is important as it seems in today's dancing world just about anyone can teach, be it an amateur, qualified or unqualified professional. This is taking a step to raise the bar and set a higher level of quality for the organizations qualified members.