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Dennis & Jenifer Goss have been married and dancing together for over 12 years. They are both Professionally Certified Dance Instructors with high honors by Dance Vision International Dance Association. They began their teaching with Group & Private Lessons in Hawaii in 2003 and now currently teach in Sonoma and Napa Counties, CA. Dennis & Jenifer have a wonderful harmony in their joint teaching style. They demonstrate a unique balance of patience, clarity and enthusiasm for their students' development. The couple's true love of each other and of dancing, partnered with Dennis' elegant style and sharp musicality and Jenifer's sassy vitality make them a dancing inspiration. They have studied Ballroom and Rhythm dancing in Los Angeles with Dennon & Saber Rawles, in Colorado with Joseph Snowhawk, extensively with Rita O?Connor in Hawaii and currently with John Ross in Rohnert Park and have backgrounds in Jazz, Tap and Ballet as well. Dennis & Jenifer have received many first place awards for their partnership dancing including Top Solo with their own choreography. Jenifer began dancing at age 6 and began teaching jazz dance at age 16. She has traveled the world as a professional dancer for USO/DOD from 1993-1997. She also holds a BA in Dance from UCLA where she studied Modern and many World Dances, choreography, production, costume and lighting design. Dennis & Jenifer enjoy matching unique musical expression with fun and stylish dance moves in their joint choreography. They both have a deep passion for partnership dancing along with the wonderful spiritual principles it can demonstrate, and enjoy sharing that with others.

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