American Smooth Open Bronze
Waltz Variations

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Waltz Variations

Produced by Dance Vision 2004. Approximately 66 minutes.

  • Michael Mead & Toni Redpath
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Customer Reviews

  • New York, USA 5 Stars

    We bought all the silver tapes and all the technique tapes. they are fantastic. we have accumulated many tapes by different teachers over the years, but these are absolutely the best. your clarity and ability to present the material toghether in a seamless manner has been very, very, helpful. we are now using them with our coach (who is a very good dancer and teacher and was blown away by them) and he has been able to help us to apply the principles and patterns that you present. We hope that we will see you again in dance camp in 2005 and again thank you for all that you give us.

    Dancingly yours,
    Carolyn and Victor Goldman

  • Los Angeles, USA 5 Stars

    I've been through two (dvd's) already. Although I've learned from other videos as well, these are the first that had some energy and personality to them. Really helpful!
    Thanks so much, Liz

  • Lubbock, TX 5 Stars

    Michael and Toni...outstanding job. I have both the Open Bronze Waltz and Tango variations and I must say they are superb.

    Your ability to break down the patterns and teach each step was a huge help to myself and my fiance.

    Your DVDs receive high recommendations from us!

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Individual Steps

  # Title Time Price  
  1 Variation 1) Criss Cross Progressive Twinkle: 1-9 Box with Underarm Turn end Left Side by Side, Underarm Pass (w/hand change), 2 Criss Cross Progressive Twinkles (Man Hairpin), Impetus, 4-6 Basic Twinkle Ending. 7:39 $4.99
  2 Variation 2) Shadow Progressive Twinkles: Twinkle, Pivot-Developé, Lady Turn to Shadow (Man Chassé, Lady 3 Step to Left), 2 Progressive Twinkles in Shadow, Shadow to P.P., Closed Position Ending. 7:18 $4.99
  3 Variation 3) Handshake Flip Flops Variation: Twinkle to Flip Flop Position, Flip Flop Lady to Left Side, Flip Flop Lady to Right Side, Flip Flop w/Handshake Hold, Regain Normal Right Side Flip Flop Hold, 4-6 Basic Twinkle Ending. 7:14 $4.99
  4 Variation 4) Syncopated Open Fallaway: Twinkle w/Handshake Hold, Crossbody Lead, Open Fallaway & 3 Step Turn, Syncopated Open Fallaway, Man Chassés while Lady Spins Across, Basic Twinkle Ending. 7:46 $4.99
  Review - Variations 1-4 in a routine format. 1:35 $0.99
  5 Variation 5) Runaround in Alternate Hold: 1-6 Open Left w/ UAT, Open Break, Runaround, Open Impetus from Open Position, 4-6 Basic Twinkle Ending. 6:30 $4.99
  6 Variation 6) Twinkle Roll Off to Check: Twinkle & Chassé, Lady Roll Off Turning, Side by Side Check, Lady Curl in for Developé, Regain Left Side Flip Flop Position, Flip Flop to Right Side, 4-6 Basic Twinkle Ending. 7:42 $4.99
  7 Variation 7) Shadow Right Turn: Twinkle, P.P. to Shadow, Open Right in Shadow, Hairpin Shadow, Check & Developé, 4-6 Left Box Ending. 8:14 $4.99
  8 Variation 8) Shadow Left Turn: 1-3 Left Open Box, Lady Spiral to Shadow, Spiral in Shadow Position, Progressive Forward in Shadow, Open Left Turn in Shadow, Hairpin in Shadow, 4-6 Basic Twinkle Ending. 7:51 $4.99
  Review - Variations 5-8 in a routine format. 1:49 $0.99